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Welcome to our website. We manufacture and distribute a patented line of modular, clear acrylic display shelving for books, periodicals, newspapers, audio/video and other library media. Our modular shelving is beautiful, durable, space-saving, and extremely versatile.  Individual modules can be attached to walls, end panels, columns, etc., or four modules can be bolted together to form a free-standing tower/kiosk display.  Check out our Shelving Products section for descriptions and photos to see if we can help you to market your book, newspaper, magazine, audio, video, and other media collections with our attractive and cost effective shelving. Click on the Shelving Products button to the left to peruse...

Library display shelving for books, paperbacks, newspapers, periodicals,
 A/V, audio & video tapes. Our modular acrylic shelving used in thousands of libraries and book stores in 
USA & Canada

Company Profile

Back in 1979 Florida librarian Clem Malecki began looking for a better way to market his children's and young adult collections and to increase his overall circulation.   He came up with a unique shelving design that proved to be so successful that his branch library was soon circulating more materials than the main library, and Clem   found himself busy in his home workshop until late each night building shelving for other enthusiastic librarians.  That same year he formed his company, Library Display Shelving Div./7 Mile Fishcamp Enterprises.

Today, Clem and his wife Elaine (also a former librarian) are still the proprietors of Library Display Shelving and Clem's shelving can be found in thousands of libraries (and other locations) in the U.S. and Canada.  Because it is still a family-run enterprise you can expect fine hand-crafted workmanship and good personalized service.

If there are no libraries in your area where you can inspect our shelving  checkout the News section of the website to see where and at which regional and national conferences we will be exhibiting.

Contact Information

Telephone :
(386) 228-3083
(386) 228-3083
Company Name:
Library Display Shelving Div. / 7 Mile Fishcamp Enterprises
Postal address:
173 West Ohio Ave. Lake Helen, FL 32744
Electronic mail:
General Information: Clem or Elaine Malecki
Please telephone or e-mail for printed brochures

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